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Entry level paper cone subwoofer. Narrow 16” front baffle with rear port.  Ideal for home theatre. 300WRMS.
Price: $569 shipped

Entry level paper cone sealed subwoofer. Narrow 14” Ideal for Music/HT. 300WRMS.
Price: $539 shipped
Entry level paper cone multi-tuned ported subwoofer.Ideal for Music/HT.400WRMS.
Price: $799 shipped
Entry level paper cone sealed subwoofer. Narrow 14” Ideal for Music/HT.600WRMS.
Price: $849 shipped
Low inertia dual 8" paper cone sealed subwoofer. Narrow 11” front baffle.  Ideal for music/home theatre. 600WRMS.
Price: $830 shipped
Low inertia dual 8" paper cone sealed subwoofer. Similar to F8 but with a midbass crossover setting when used as a midbass unit. Ideal for music/home theatre. 600WRMS.
Price: $915 shipped
Compact aluminum cone sealed subwoofer. Great output for its size. Ideal for combined HT/music systems. Recommended for speakers with 5” woofers or larger. 400WRMS.
Price: $940 shipped
Same size as F12, but with a paper cone. Great frequency response up to 120 Hhz. When used with smaller front speakers, a stereo pair is recommended.
Price: $940 shipped

Signature edition of F12.
Price: $1065 shipped

High power version of our standard aluminium cone sealed subs. Features 600w amplifier and a more powerful driver. 600WRMS.
Price: $1282 shipped
A more compact version of F15HP, intended for higher spouse acceptance. Features the same amp and driver as F15HP.
Price: $1273 shipped
Standard aluminum cone vented subwoofer with 2 tuning frequencies: 18hz (two port) and 12hz (one port). Ideal for HT systems.400WRMS.
Price: $999 shipped
Aluminum cone vented subwoofer with 2 tuning frequencies: 18hz (two port) and 12hz (one port). Ideal for HT systems. 600WRMS.
Price: $1338 shipped


Dual aluminum drivers tower. Ideal for those seeking highest output from our sealed subwoofers. 800WRMS.
Price: $1499 plus shipping





New range of subs

Our range of subs has expanded and we now offer a range of subs for music, home theatre and combined systems. L series is our entry level product line and F/E series is our premium product line.

Output comparison

Every one of our subwoofers has bass extension lower than 20hz. Our frequency response specification is based on -3db point which is far more stringent than +/-3db that other manufacturers have used. +/-3db is more like our -6db specification because the former is equivalent to 0db/-6db specification. Lower bass extension is also advantageous in multiple sub setup.

At 20 Hz, our subs vary in their maximum output capability. The output at 20 Hz is shown relative to F12.

  • F12: 0db (baseline)
  • F8/FM8: -1.5db
  • L12: -1db
  • LV12R: +2.5db
  • L22: + 4db
  • LVX12: +4db
  • E15HP: + 4db
  • F15HP: +4.5db
  • FVX15: +6.5db
  • FV15HP: +9.5db
  • F25: +8db

Home theatre subs

For systems where home theatre is the main priority, we recommend our vented subs. At 20 Hz, a vented sub is comparable to the output of two similar sealed subs. LV12R is our lowest cost sub and is designed for smaller rooms and modest budgets. Our larger 15" subs are suited to larger rooms and have substantially more output. Don't be fooled by typical comments about vented subs lacking accuracy. These subs are tight and musical.

Music only systems

For music-only systems we recommend our sealed subs. We have sealed subs in various sizes and finishes. Where high output at 20 Hz is not needed, our sealed subs will match the output of their vented equivalents. In addition, greater extension is possible. Combined with room gain, in-room extension to 14 Hz or even lower is possible.

Combined systems

For combined music and home theatre systems, many of our 15" sealed subs are a good all round compromise. Our dual sealed 15" F25 is a very good choice, offering the LFE output of our vented subs but with the added bonus of greater midbass efficiency and output.

Direct Servo technology

The secret to accurate bass is in our patented Direct Servo technology.

A sensing coil provides immediate feedback to ensure the cone precisely follows the input signal. The result is very tight, accurate and dynamic bass.

How to purchase

Our range of Direct Servo subwoofers on this page are available for purchase on-line direct via our website. They are also available through Ascend Ascoustics sold with their speakers.

Our customers say ...

From our customers we often hear comments like these:

"This is the cleanest, tightest, and most accurate bass I've ever experienced." ... Rob > More

"... I am hearing notes I've never heard before." ... Kent B > More

" It's quite satisfying when you hear that some bass notes, previously thought to be a single note, are actually two notes or a series of shorter notes." ... Darren K > More