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  F15HP Direct Servo subwoofer (discontinued)
15" high power sub


Finesse meets brute force

We've introduced our HP series to satisfy the needs of customers with larger rooms and those who want greater bass impact. Our HP subs offer two advantages when compared to our other subs. The first is 2 dB higher output. At bass frequencies, every 6 to 10 dB increase sounds twice as loud (the actual number varies with listeners). So the 2 dB increase with our HP series will sound around one third louder. The second benefit is an increase in perceived authority and impact. When a subwoofer amplifier reaches it's limits, clipping occurs. This tends to reduce the dynamics and authority of the sound. Our HP subs can play cleanly where our other subs are operating at their limits. The difference is felt as much as it is heard.

There are other "brute force" subs on the market, but what our HP series achieve is a combination of brute force and finesse. Now the articulate and dynamic bass that our other subs have become known for is available with greater punch.

Direct Servo Technology

All our subwoofers use our patented Direct Servo technology, providing high end performance at an affordable price. It allows us to use lighter and more efficient drivers and still achieve deep bass without using excessive amounts of power. The servo reduces memory effects, counteracts thermal compression and various forms of driver non linearities. Unlike many other non-servo subs which exhibit two-mode bass: either with too much bass when volume is up or with too little or no bass when the volume is down, our higher resolution subwoofers allow customers to listen at lower level and yet able to hear details in the bass in a wide range of volume level. In other words, the bass is simply more natural instead of constantly drawing our attention that we have a subwoofer in the system.

You can read about Direct Servo in more detail in our technology section.

View animation demonstrating how Direct Servo works >

H600XLR3 Amplifier and DS1510 Driver

F15HP now uses our new high power H600XLR3 servo amplifier and DS1510 driver. DS1510 features anodized aluminum cone, a 3" voice coil, and 200 oz magnet. Its linear excursion range has increased to +/- 20mm (from +/-15mm of DS1502). The entire subwoofer is 12lbs heavier.

The quickguide of the H600XLR3 amplifier for sealed subs can be found here . H600XLR3 amps do not have high pass filter RCA output, nor speaker level inputs. The response curves with various extension frequency/damping combinations of both amplifiers can be found in our EQ page. The other amplifier options and their quickguide can be found here: H600PEQ3.

Our speaker level inputs are only compatible with power amplifiers having single ended outputs with black lead output labelled as "COM", "GND", or "Ground". Wyre4sound power amplifiers and others with differential outputs are not compatible. These amps need an XLR type 3-wire (one positive, one negative, and one ground) for safe speaker level input operation.

F15HP has been discontinued. We recommend E15HP as replacement.