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  F15HP Direct Servo subwoofer
15" sealed audiophile sub

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Gordon G.
Product: F15HP

Enrico and Brian:

After 5 years of loving my F15 with my ProAc full range monitors, I added a pair of Magnepan LRS to rotate into my system. Planar folks post of difficulty integrating box subs with planars. I easily seamlessly integrated my F15 with the baby Maggies (I do use a Schiit Loki EQ to roll off the planars' low end a little) and the system sounds boxless and immersive all the way beyond the lower limit of hearing and feeling music. This whole speaker system costs under $2K and with a good amp is an overachiever.

I know that Rythmic makes components for open baffle subs as well, but my F15 is a great mate for the LRS.

Thanks for the great product.

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Reviewer: Nathan W.
Product: F15HP-BM-XLR3 (for a Recording Studio)

Hello Rythmik Audio, Last month I ordered and received my Rythmik Audio F15HP subwoofer. Now that I\'ve had the chance to set it up and integrate it into my system...I just wanted to write a quick message saying, thank you so much for designing and building such an incredible product! I have been enjoying it immensely!! Everything about this sub has completely exceeded my expectations - the customer service, the prompt shipping, the awesome packing job, the design and build quality of the amp, cabinet and woofer and the unbelievable sound quality it puts out!! It\'s very tight, punchy, warm, responsive, detailed and very powerful. I am using it in my recording studio for mixing and I\'ve never had the pleasure of hearing such a flat response at such low frequencies as with my old sub. I spent months researching subs by various manufacturers and when a friend of mine mentioned your company, I went to your website and knew I was at the right place. I couldn\'t be any happier and more pleased with my purchase and I hope your company continues to make these high quality products at such an incredible price for years to come!

Thank you again!!


P.S. - One absolute requirement for this sub was to have L/R XLR inputs...I appreciate the fact that this is offered, and is something I didn\'t find in a lot of other subs. The amp that comes with the F15HP is just incredible!!!

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Reviewer: Gordon G.
Product: F15HP-BO

Brian and Enrico:

You both were so helpful during my research and purchase that I am thrilled to write this review.

I've had my F15HP for over two weeks now. The quality of the sub was surperb from the packing, easy of installation (even though its really heavy) and build quality through set up and control flexibility.

In my system the F15HP seamlessly integrated for music. The system now has an extended bottom end that is accurate with a viseral presence of the bass lines and the hit of the drums. Feels like being there.

For home theater it enhances the drama and impact from movie scores and effects. I have not found the limit of its output capability on anything I have played.

My previous sub was a M&K V75 MKII. It was good on HT, but could never integrate in my system for music. The F15HP is not better, it is in a difference league of performance and capability.

You have a satisfied customer who will not hesitate to recommend your company and your subs.


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Reviewer: Brock P. (Alaska)
Product: F15HP-SE

Hey guys,

Finally got my whole rig going. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the F15HP. It is smooth, musical, and seem to have no bottom. I have to admit, despite the rave review I'd read, I was skeptical. Until hearing the F15HP, I'd never heard a musical subwoofer. Nor had I heard one that didn't stick out like sore thumb ever time it made a noise. This one, however, blends beautifully with my 802s. During Interstellar, it shakes the walls (and the water in my glass!); and during Gaucho (Steely Dan, DTS remix), it provides bass that's almost imperceivable because it's so musical. I will eventually be ordering another, so I hope you don't discontinue them any time soon.

I've seen on your Facebook page you like to post pictures of people's setups with your products. Below is a link to a ZIP of pictures of my setup. My setup is:

  • Bowers & Wilkins 802D2 (fronts), CM Centre 2 S2 (center), and DS3B (rears)
  • Rythmik Audio F15HP (subwoofer)
  • Emotiva Audio XMC-1 (preamp), XPA-2 (power amp for the fronts), and XPA-3 (power amp for the center and rears)
  • OPPO BP-103 (blu ray)
  • IsoAcoustics stands (center and sub)
  • Audio Magic Excalibur interconnect cables
  • Panamax MR5100 (power conditioner)

If you want to link me, I'm/brockjon (Brock Jon) on Facebook.

Thanks guys and keep up the incredible work!

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Reviewer: Anteroth (AVS member)
Product: 2x F15HP

Had my two F15HP now for a week and wow. These subs are monsters. Got them hooked up with my 7 channell system also running def tech 8080s in front and 8060s in back so i get good base from there too. The subs rattled my walls so hard I didnt even know my surrounds were loose until i turned these babies on. Unfortunately my room is crap and I have quite a few dead spots but hopefully some placement play with the subs will help. Packaging is top notch and I will absolutely be holding onto these packaging for moving. Highly recommend Rythmik to anyone looking for a solid musical sub. These subs were so smooth and clean that i thought something was wrong,, having been use to the relatively boomier and less tight def tech subs. Mountains above any sub I've ever had. If your thinking about it....do it.

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Reviewer: Ed V.
Product: F15HP-SE

Hi Brian,

Thanks for checking in. Yes! More than meets, it *exceeds* my expectations. Nicely done!!

The F15HP is remarkably cleaner and more satisfying than anything else I've heard!

I can hear more detail & texture to the low bass, plus, I've never experience LF extension like this in a home system before. Also I feel as if, somehow, my system has much greater overall dynamic range. :-D

FYI, I did pick up a SB13-U for comparo... it was too easy not to, since there's a Magnolia center just a couple of blocks from me. Good sub, though it lacked LF extension in most scenarios, and was far more distorted too (both audibly & measured with spectrum analyzer + cal'd mic). The SB13-U has since gone back: you win!

I spent an awful lot of time optimizing setup for each sub: I tried countless placement & tuning options. After I get a new pre-pro (or maybe receiver), I'll decide whether I want a 2nd instance of F15HP. The 2nd sub doesn't seem warranted strictly for the sake of SPL; it'd be more for the purpose of calming the room modes.

Some constructive feedback for you...

  • The 2nd instance of PEQ on the SB13-U was quite useful. On the other hand, I appreciate being better able to control the frequency & Q with higher resolution on the F15HP: narrow peaks (at e.g., 42Hz or 56Hz) that don't coincide with their predetermined set of center frequencies (40/50/63Hz) were hard to tame without negatively impacting adjacent frequencies.
  • Another feature I'd recommend to enhance your offering: a better way to remotely control "modes" for the sub: it's quite frequent that I'd switch between "movie mode" (20 or 28Hz + low damp + rumble filt) and "audio mode" (14/high/off). I found that I just leave it in music mode now for all but the most exciting, effects-laden movies, since I find myself forgetting to switch or to switch back... honestly it's the last thing I want to get up for (or even think about, for that matter) when it finally comes time to relax & enjoy.

I've been meaning to write you & give some kudos, though I have been extremely busy growing a new team at Apple. I do prototyping there (hardware systems, though not audio). I find a whole lot of joy coming home to enjoy my audio system after a long day: that joy has been increased quite a lot with the addition of your sub.

Thanks for your efforts... keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

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Reviewer: Rade S. (Audiogon)
Product: F15HP-SE

Dear Enrico,

It's been almost a full year since I purchased a pair of subs from you.

I would just like to tell you how immensely I have been enjoying them. Now, their location in my room is optimal, visually and acoustically, and their integration with my Pro Ac Response 3.8 is perfect.
They are silent when they need to be and dramatic when they need to be. And when they are dramatic... oh man, they can shake the house and scare the hell out of me!

They have increased my enjoyment of music so much.

Thank you for recommending these fine subs and not making my pockets bleed for months.


Rade S., DVM, PhD, MS, ACPV
Willmar, MN

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Reviewer: Fgm4275 (AVS member)
Product: F15HP-BO-XLR3

Initial Impressions on a pair of F15HP subs

Current Set-up:

Linkwitz Orion (rev 3.4) loudspeakers
2 - Genesis Technologies (old company) 700 surround speakers
1 - Genesis (new company) Reference Center channel speaker
2 - Linn Aktiv surround back speakers
2 - F15HP subs (replaced 1 Elemental Design A5-350 sub with 15" driver/550 watt amp)
Oppo 95
2 - Parasound A52 (5 channel amplifiers)
1 - Anthem MCA5 (5 channel amplifier, new caps installed in 2013)
Marantz AV8801 (ssp)
XBOX 360
Infinity HD DVR

My emphasis is 75% music and 25% HT. For the last several years, I have been using a ED A5-350. It has been okay with HT, but meh on 2 channel music. The AV8801 easily allows the sub to be used for 2 channel music listening. With the ED sub, I never listened to 2 channel music with the sub in use. With the Rythmik F15HP subs, well I am getting ahead of myself...


In the past couple of months, after speaking with Brian on several occasions about Rythmik subs, 2 channel music, home theater, my HT/music set-up, servo controlled subs and musical priorities, I narrowed down my Rythmik sub choice to either an F25 or a pair of F15HP subs. I shared pictures and dimensions of the two Rythmik sub options with my wife . She very much preferred the option of the two more diminutive F15 HP subs over a single F25 even though the cost was higher. A week ago last Monday, I called Brian and ordered a pair of F15HP subs with black oak grain and the XLR3 upgrade. As I live in NW Houston, I was able to drive to Austin and pick them up on Friday of the same week. Before returning home, Brian took some time with me discussing room placement options and to make sure I understood the function of the XLR3 amps. Though heavy and packed in rather large boxes, we were able to fit the pair of subs into the back of my Nissan Armada. Upon arriving home, I discovered that the subs were very securley braced/packed and doubled boxed. I would not be worried about having these subs shipped via UPS or Fedex. Brian also has a very cool way of easily removing the subs from the box (illustrated in a pictogram on the flap of the inner box) that consists of removing all the padded inserts but one, placing the box on its side and sliding the sub out on the remaining padded insert. I was not expecting a great deal in the looks department from the F15HP subs, so I was pleasantly surprised as to the subs' handsome appearance. The fit and finish was also top drawer.


I positioned the subs along the front wall, flanking my Linkwiz Orions. I used a pair of xlr cables to connect the subs to the Marantz AV8801. I ran the Audessey XT32 program and I was up and running in no time. The Audessey XT32 always sets my Orions as large speakers. For the next 3 hours I listened to 2 channel audio - classical, jazz, folk, pop, blues. During this time, I switched the front configuration back and forth from large to small taking the F15HP subs in and out. The Linkwitz Orions with the very robust 10" SEAS bass drivers (2 drivers per channel) are very convincing in the lower frequencies. As I mentioned before, with the ED sub all my 2 channel music listening was done only with the Linkwitz Orion. After installing the F15HP subs, I can definitively state that I preferred 2 channel audio with the F15HP subs turned on. This was true whether Audessey 32 was on or off. The Linkwitz Orions (set large) sounded excellent without the F15HP subs. With the Linkwitz Orions (set small) and with the F15HPs on, the music sounded even better. On multichannel music (SACD and DVD-A), my system has never sounded better. I have watched a couple of movies with the F15HP subs in the system, and I can also state that HT has never sounded better.

I am extremely satisified with the performance of the F15HP subs.


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