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Special buy: We now offer F12 with HX300 (a 300WRMS Hypex-based servo amplifier with a quickguide) on sale for those with a tight budget for a metal cone 12" subwoofer.

The frequency response is very similar to F12 and can be found in order page. The max upper end extension is 100hz. It also has only one RCA input. The multi-sub discount is $50.

  Description: Price  
  F12-300 black oak with HX300 amp and 48 states shipping $750 buy it now
  F12-300 black matte with HX300 amp and 48 states shipping $750 buy it now

LV12R B-stock

We have a couple of B-stock LV12R black oak finish from customer return. They are thoroughly checked and carry same warranty as regular stock.

  Description: Price  
  B-stock LV12R ported sub black oak with 300WRMS amp $519 buy it now


F15HP-SE piano black B-stock

We have one B-stock F15HP-SE with slight blemish at the bottom side.

  Description: Price  
  B-stock F15HP piano black with H600PEQ3 amp $1278 buy it now