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  FVX15 Direct Servo subwoofer
15" multi-tuned ported audiophile sub

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Jason Gates
Product: FVX15

I was in the market to replace my old sub and discovered Rythmik in an online forum. That being said after researching the company I decided to make my purchase of the FVX15. Sub arrived in a couple days and comes packed very securely. Rythmiks customer service(Enrico) was first-class for any questions/issues. After some time and experimenting with placement I INTEGRATED sub into my system and was impressed with its efficient performance. I am not an audiophile but love and have played music for years, I trust my ears and the FVX15 produces clean articulate bass. The only negative to my purchase is now I have to fight my impulses to buy a second FVX15 or upgrade.

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Reviewer: Benhancker22 (AVS forum)
Product: FVX15

Been lurking on this thread for a few months as I was looking to find a replacement sub. I had an MFW-15 and was very happy with that sub until.....the HUM hit. Thought I had been pretty fortunate for awhile, but alas the amp went out. There were options to "fix/upgrade" the sub, but why go through all that when can get something for a similar price. I wanted to find something that would be similar in output and sound as the MFW-15. I was all set to buy a HSU VTF15H-MK2 when I ran across this Rythmik thread and found out they were relatively local. After reading MANY pages of this thread (great regular contributors) and having conversations with Enrico and Brian regarding my room (2700 cu/ft) and budget, I settled on the FVX15. I was able to pick it up local so I did not have to worry about settling/keeping the sub to avoid paying for return shipping and would have option to upgrade to FV15HP.

I have had it for 2 months as of today and all I can say is WOW! I have a modest 5.1 setup and use my system for 80% movies and 20% music. I have a Yamaha receiver, ran YPAO, tweaked to my liking, and am very happy with results (most movie watching is between -28 to -20 volume). I go back and forth between 1 port closed/HT and both ports open (1 port closed is winning). Could I get better sound/output with REW and other EQ options? Probably so, but watching MMFR (amazing), TIH, Cloverfield, Iron Man, Dark Night, Pacific Rim, WOtW, and Jurassic World with the FVX15 has been VERY satisfying and enjoyable!!! Versus the MFW, the bass just sounds and feels cleaner and tighter. I can only imagine what a second one would do in my room (not in the budget now, but who knows about later). This is a great sub and am very satisfied with my purchase!

There isn't a whole lot of feedback regarding the FVX15, so wanted to give my impressions :-).

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Reviewer: Aaron C.
Product: FVX15

Hi Brian, I have watched about 4 movies with these subs and they are amazing. I've owned many subs over the years including dual JL Audio F113's and these subs do a better job of providing the impact and detail that movie producers engineered into the soundtracks. They keep up with the pace, they are forceful while remaining controlled and fill a room with pressure like no other subs I've owned. My room sits 23 people and is about 24x28' with 9' ceilings. It's a dedicated, isolated theater room and these subs are a great compliment to the 9 channel surround system with speakers from Sonance and Sunfire- all powered by Onkyo. Crossed over at 80 hertz the subs are seamless with the rest of the speakers. The sub, once dialed in, becomes part of the main speakers and does not draw attention to itself. Bass is clean, defined and clear. Bass notes and tone are not generic 'bass' like some other subs. You can tell the difference between explosions, bass in music as well as bass from other objects or elements in the movie soundtrack. I'm very pleased with the subs and look forward to enjoying them for years to come.

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Reviewer: Jared D.
Product: FVX15


First, simply put the sub is awesome. I'm not an audiophile, but I am a (relatively) young Professional Electrical Engineer in Houston and I have a strong background in power electronics. I had Rythmik's name passed to me by a serious audio buff I know who builds his own speakers and amps and had used a Rythmik kit in the past for his sub. I did my research and was impressed with the detail Rythmik went into in their testing/analysis/explanations on their website. Also the amplifiers are top notch.

My sub is used as part of a combination home theater and music listening system. I have run it exclusively with one port open and the sound is very impactful at moderate volumes. At peak volumes it's room rattling (3000-3500 cubic feet space, two very small windows not nearby speakers, sub near a corner). In my situation the room is not optimized for listening, but the bass is beautiful and there is no rumbling or muddy quality to it. I used audyssey to calibrate the system and it immediately informed me to turn my sub down. I've since turned the gain up slightly because I feel like it adds more impact to movies and IMO still doesn't disrupt my music listening experience.

Total experience with Rythmik has been great. Super fast delivery, extremely solid packaging, beautiful solid sub with great sounding bass.

Thanks guys :)

Jared D.

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Reviewer: Anh K.
Product: FVX15


I've been enjoying my new sub for the last month and a half. I like it so much that I've even watched a few movies that I never would normally just to hear it, such as Stomp the Yard!

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