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  FVX12 Direct Servo subwoofer
12" metal cone ported audiophile sub


Product features include:

Direct Servo technology

All our subwoofers feature our Direct Servo technology, which is our secret to achieving tight and accurate bass. The benefits are far more than simply achieving low distortion.

Direct Servo closed loop technology

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Hypex Ucd module-based amplifier

Hypex Ucd modules are known among audiophiles to be one of the best sound class-D modules. While class-D can reduce the footprint of amplifiers, other companies have further incorporated switching power supplier to save cost and space. However, the disadvantages of switching power supplier are complexity of circuit leads to higher failure rate, higher compression at high transient current demand, and inflexibility of 120/240V switchable operation. The amplifier in FVX12 uses conventional toroidal transformer to address these issues. In addition, two large US-made (CDE) 12000uF/80V power filter capacitors are used to ensure stability of power supply even during the most demanding HT special effect.

12" high excursion driver

Driver features include:

  • Low moving mass to ensure an exceptional transient response
  • High flux density in the gap to ensure low distortion
  • Flux de-modulation shorting rings to lower inductance and improve linearity
  • Extended upper bandwidth response allowing a higher crossover point than most

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Quality enclosure

Our enclosures are very solid and well braced to minimize any cabinet resonances or coloration. The baffle into which the driver is mounted is double thickness.

We also provide a range of finishes. Our range of attractive and excellent value vinyl finishes including:

  • black matte
  • black oak

Bass extension controls

A370 controls The bass extension control in FVX12 enables the user to customize the frequency response of the low end. It combines multi-tune specific frequency contouring and damping control in one switch. The damping control determines the slope of roll-off and the amount of time domain ringing. High damping provides the least amount of time domain ringing and the most gradual roll-off curve. Low damping provides the steepest roll-off at the low end at the expense of added time domain ringing. There are two positions for 1 port operation which extends to 14hz. 1P-music uses high damping while 1P-HT uses low damping. High SPL playback should use 2 port setting. The damping in this position is low.

Crossover options

To suit different setups, we provide a 12 db and 24 db/octave crossover. If you are still using stereo receiver or conventional pre/power amp setup, then we recommend the 24 db switch setting. To understand more about how to correctly integrate your subwoofer, read our phase alignment article.

120V-240 Switchable Voltage Selection

Correct voltage must be selected before use. Voltage switch is shown below.

voltage selection

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