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  F8 Direct Servo subwoofer
dual 8"sealed audiophile sub

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: S. Uchida (Japan)
Product: 2x F8

Hi Brian,

F8 are working well. I am pleased the performance of F8. Also I like the sound.I hope introduce it to my some friends. Thank you so much for the advice selecting F8.

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Reviewer: Mikesiskav (Ascend Forum)
Product: F8

The F8 is everything I was looking for in a subwoofer: tight, detailed, deep bass all in a compact package. I used to have a JL Audio F112 ($3,000 retail) and I would say that the F8 is at least as good if not better when it comes to bass articulation. The JL probably had a bit more output but I'm sure the F8 can play more than loud enough to disturb my neighbors.

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Reviewer: Dino M.
Product: F8

Just wanted to thank you .
this f8 is just perfect . it's what my setup was missing . my old sub never had the range , tightness and clear, clean sound this subwoofer gives me .it makes my b&w683 s2 speakers sound worth the money i paid for them . they now have body and a fullness they were lacking .
again,thank you for an incredible addition to my 2 channel stereo . this puppy rocks .

Dino M.

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