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15" subwoofer driver
High end subwoofer driver

This is the third generation of our servo driver. While designed specifically for our Direct Servo subwoofers, all our drivers are also suitable for conventional use. After extensive testing and comparisons and positive customer feedback, we feel compelled to offer them for sale separately. In a market dominated by products designed to look good on paper, we have created products that feature uncompromising performance. Audiophiles are well advised to keep in mind that drivers that look most impressive on paper may not be very accurate.

Impressive on paper vs real performance

To improve the specs on paper, most existing drivers on the market use more voice coil layers. This requires a wider voice coil gap. As a result, not only the moving mass of the driver is increased, the magnet strength is weakened, and the voice coil inductance is also increased. In many cases, the result is a driver which performs poorly above 40 Hz. The problem is more serious than it may appear. If we play a 40 Hz tone, harmonic distortion products will be added to the original. 3rd order distortion products are particular objectionable, and for this 40 Hz tone will be at 120 Hz. The ear is more sensitive around this range, and as a result, it makes the distortion more audible. It is often thought that a subwoofer that has poor distortion performance can merely be crossed low. The problem with this is that harmonic distortion will be clearly audible and accuracy will be compromised. Most subwoofers are plagued with these problems. Not only are they unsuitable for operation above 40 Hz, they also add a lot of distortion even when crossed this low.

Our approach to driver design

We take a very different approach. Our drivers have low moving mass, high flux density in the magnet gap, and low distortion. We start with two 0.84" stacked magnets (for a total of 1.68" magnet height) and a 1.8" long sensing coil with 0.5" top plate to support 1.2" linear peak to peak excursion. In order to achieve the goal of low moving mass, we have designed a lightweight 4 layer voice coil. To reduce distortion and low inductance, we added a FEA-(finite element analysis-) designed short circuit ring that is effective above 30 Hz for reducing flux modulation and at the same time reducing voice coil inductance at higher frequency. The cast frame basket further improves the rigidity of the driver. The result is a driver capable of high SPL and that is also accurate.

Conventional vs Direct Servo

For audiophiles who desire the ultimate in accuracy, we recommend our Direct Servo kits. While our drivers are better than most, their performance in a conventional subwoofer will never be as good as a Direct Servo subwoofer. If you are looking for non servo drivers, we recommend that you consider a Direct Servo kit.

Driver features

* Rigid anodized aluminum cone (silver only)
* Rigid 12 spoke cast aluminum basket
* FEA designed aluminum short circuit ring to reduce 2nd order distortion
* High linear excursion capability of 1.2" peak to peak (15mm one-way) xmax
* High mechanical excursion capability of 1.8" peak to peak (xmech) to reduce risk of bottoming
* Very low inductance
* 24 ohm ultra thin sensing coil for servo operation keeps moving mass low
* Woven wire lead in the spider to prevent rattling during high excursion
* Gold spring loaded terminals for easy solderless cable connection
* Single 3.0 ohm voice coil
* Mounting without gasket (15-7/16" outer diameter and 7/16" depth)
* Two 0.84" stacked magnets for a total magnet height of 1.68"
* Cutout: 14-1/16"
* 6.75" clearance in depth
* 500W RMS max power


We supply a foam gasket tape (also comes with the driver) that goes between the driver basket and the enclosure to ensure proper seal. We recommend to put the tape on enclosure, instead of on the driver basket.

Thiele/Small Parameters
Model DS1500
Enclosure size 3 cu ft sealed
  4 cu ft vented
fs 15.4Hz
BL 15.8
VAS 430L
Qms 3.748
Qts 0.472
Sd 809 cm2
Re 3.00 ohms
Le 2.5 mH
Cone finish Silver
basket Black
DS1500 vs DS12 series drivers

Compared to our standard DS12 driver, this driver can achieve 2dB greater efficiency and 4dB greater transient output. The inductance is higher and a larger box is required to achieve the extra efficiency and output.

Please note: this driver is available for separate purchase for nonservo application.