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SPL output comparison
DS15 driver

Archive page

On this page we show the difference in maximum SPL of our kits. Please note that the frequency response should be ignored as we are only showing maximum output. The differences are relative differences and should assist in making a choice. This is not intended as an accurate indication of maximum in room SPL capability, which will vary according to the size and construction of the room.

Please note: kits shown on this page are now discontinued. For current products, please see our CI range >


  Maximum SPL - sealed kits
  max SPL - sealed kits
  Our standard DS12 sealed 2cu ft kit (now replaced with our CI series) can be used as a comparison baseline. DS12-CV sealed 1.5 cu ft (discontinued) provides similar max SPL output below 20hz. The trade-off is slight lower output between 30hz and 80hz, which is typical for low-Q drivers. One should keep in mind, the low-Q driver is more effective in compact vented (or passive radiator) subwoofers, as will be demonstrated later. The output from DS15-sealed is based on a 3 cu ft enclosure, the output will improve by another 1db below 30hz with a 4cu ft enclosure.

sealed cone excursion


The excursion plot above reveals how effective the cone excursion is utilized across the frequency domain.

As we can see, the DS12-sealed 2cu ft has the highest excursion utilization between 20hz and 80hz. The increased output from DS12-8ohms is primarily because it uses two 12" drivers.


  Maximum SPL - vented kits
  max SPL - vented 2 cu ft

Note the improvement of DS12-CV around 20 Hz in the above chart. While DS12-vented provides higher output about 30hz, the difference in max SPL output between at 20hz and above 40hz may be too large and DS12-CV is definitely a better choice.

When the enclosure size is increased to 4cu ft, as seen below, the story is different. The advantage of DS12-CV over DS12 becomes narrowed and the extra max SPL output above 30hz from DS12 makes it a better choice for large vented enclosures.

max SPL vented 4 cu ft