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  L22 Direct Servo subwoofer
dual 12"sealed audiophile sub

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Jim M.
Product: L22

When I bought these subs I had a specific size requirement. They are going in columns in a large wall unit.The room is 20x25 with 20 foot ceilings and opens to the kitchen and a open balcony on the second floor.I didn't expect a pair of L22's to fill a room that size. I have played a lot of music with them and the bass is way more than I expected, for music they are incredible. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the subs on a blu ray movie yet. When I do I expect them to be very impressive.

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Reviewer: Jeff A.
Product: L22

I just received my L22 and I can honestly say it has changed everything. Movie soundtracks sound so alive with the proper amounts of prescence and detail. It's not just how well it plays the low notes but how it presents those notes into the sound stage, wow!, I am truely blown away. I will be ordering another L22 soon so I can balance out my basement HT. I highly recommend the L22.

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