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  E15 Direct Servo subwoofer
15" compact sealed audiophile sub

Full Review

Jim Wilson has written a pretty favorable review of E15. It can be found here: E15 review


Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Antonius S
Product: 2x E15HP2-SE

Enrico, Brian,
I just wanted to drop you a quick not and thank you for an excellent product.
Attached are two pics, one shows the system your subs are playing in (one sub is "hidden" in the cabinet, yet it sits directly on the floor and has no direct contact with the cabinet), the other pic is a screen shot of the low frequency response.
Crossing over, time/phase correction and compensation of room modes is taken care of by the DSpeaker X4 and the bass is superb. Clean, low, not boomy. Spatial reproduction of this system is superb.

More trivial items: Your 'auto on' implementation is great, and, as you promised, the sub emits much less noise than the Velodyne did.

I have copied Tim Ryan, who is a co-developer of the X4 and distributes the product in the U.S. You guys should talk. The combination of two Rythmik subs with an X4 likely achieves great bass for any serious audio system.

Best wishes,

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Reviewer: Joe J.
Product: E15

I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know that I received my E15hp 2 days ago. That was terrific turnaround time and just in time for my birthday. I am totally blown away by how good this subwoofer makes my system sound. I replaced a 6 or 7 year old HSU VFT Mk2
sub that just paled in comparison. I use my E15 in a HT setup, but I like it primarily for music. I have a pair of Ascend Sierra1's in front and the CBM170 as my surrounds. I don't consider myself an audiophile, but I do like good quality sound and I am bass heaven right now! Great product!! Keep up the good work.


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Reviewer: Rohit A.
Product: Dual E15

I picked up 2x E15 along with my purchase of Ascend Acoustics speakers. They were delivered on 06/18 to my Omaha residence.

These subs are simply awesome! Could not be happier with the sound. I am still tweaking and measuring and tweaking to eek the most out of them. Yet, I already know that these two subs will be with me for a long time, cleanly and authoritatively anchoring my system's bass.

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Reviewer: DrSyn(AVS Forum)
Product: E15


I've had my E15HP for the last 2 weeks.

The original (much smaller) room had a water leak and was unavailable. Of course I decided to hook it up to my 2 channel setup (Linkwitz Orion 3.5 with subjective neutrality mod, Exasound E20 DAC direct to amp). I had high expectations of the E15 in this configuration given the Orion rolloff at 30hz and my expectations were met. The E15 is indeed very musical. I wouldn't say quite as musical as the Orion dipoles, with the room excitation issues of monopoles, but the extension and output blows the Orions away. I like to listen at close to realistic levels, and the dipole bass, while articulate, doesn't have the physics for a lot of low frequency dynamics. The E15 not only blends perfectly, but also adds a new sense of realism. Its the perfect compliment to an otherwise almost perfect setup.

As a side note, It also scares me a little and I haven't been able to turn it up anywhere close to what I used to do!

I played a few movies in this configuration with the Orions as L/R and completely ruined any expectations for my smaller HT sound. I wish I had this space (and budget) for the smaller HT setup. If anything this setup is too dynamic, which is a good problem to have I suppose.

So yeah I am impressed with Rythmik. Unfortunately this means I'll probably have to order another E15HP for my 2 channel setup. The other downside is having the Denon X.4000 in the chain. While its a good receiver and Audyessy XT32 is great and all, I prefer my DAC direct to amp without anything in between. Having the receiver in the chain, adds another veil.

The wife will be thrilled at the idea of buying another subwoofer, this time for the living room....


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Reviewer: Thomas Y.
Product: E15

I have been enjoying the E15 for nearly 1 year--mostly for home theater use. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I do not generally enjoy the bass sound that most home theater (and most movie theater) systems produce--rather than hearing deep bass reproduction, I am hearing the distinctive sound of a subwoofer making raspy, bloated, overdriven, distorted, honky, bass-ish sounds which I refer to as "subwoofer sounds". I am not an audiophile, nor a subwoofer expert, but to my ears, the E15 does not exhibit the typical noticable "subwoofer sounds". With system properly set up, it is somewhat difficult for me to even detect that "a subwoofer" is there, rather I hear endless bass extention and authority seamlessly added to the sound of my speakers--which is exactly what I was looking for. My wife and I have been thrilled with our purchase. I would highly recommend your subwoofers to anyone looking to elevate the sound quality of their home theater system.

Thomas Y.

PS. I would also like to add a note on the cost/value equation: For me, this was a lot of money to spend on a subwoofer. However, in my experience, it is hard for most normal people to hear much improvement between a typical $200 audio receiver vs. a higher-end $1000 receiver, or a typical ~$200 speaker vs. a higher end ~$1000 speaker--particularly while watching a movie. However, the difference between a typical ~$200 home theater subwoofer vs an audiophile-quality ~$1000 Rythmik sub is immediately and obviously audible to anyone. The difference is not only noticable, but also significantly adds to the overall enjoyment and experience of the sound. In my view, this represents an excellent price/performance ratio and a tremendous value. If I were putting together a ~$2000 to $2500 HT surround sound system (from scratch) all over again, the E15 would be my first purchase--no question!

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