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  F25 Direct Servo subwoofer
Dual 15" sealed audiophile sub

Customer Testimonials

Reviewer: Cain (AVS member)
Product: Dual F25

I've auditioned and owned many different subwoofers. The better subs do a good job of adding the lowest octaves of sound, so one can instantly notice when they are turned on. The F25 Rythmik Audio subwoofer is significantly different (from every other sub I've heard). The F25 is completely transparent and does not "sound" like a sub at all. I often have to check to determine whether or not the F25 is functioning. The F25 quite simply improves the sound of your main speakers (and my main speakers are +- 1 dB down to 36 Hz.)

I've never heard recorded low frequency sound this clearly or cleanly whether it be an organ, the lowest notes on a grand piano, bass guitar, or the bass sounds in a well recorded movie. For music, I can hear the articulation of low frequencies clearly and distinctly without being overbearing or sounding soft/slow/muddy. For movies I can feel, the power and emotion the Director intended for the audience to hear - and experience.

What I wanted was bass that was authentic, not overpowering, that was fast, hard and responsive. The F25 delivers these qualities effortlessly!

Your initial listening session may at first seem underwhelming because it takes a little time to 'unlearn' years of listening to traditional subwoofers. My advice, listen to some of the best recorded most dynamic uncompressed music you own, and the difference between this subwoofer and every other one you have heard before will become obvious.

My long search for new subwoofers is finally over.

-- J. Cain Dual F25 owner

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Reviewer: Willscary (AVS Forum)
Product: F25

Well, here's my deal...

I am trying desperately to build a theater in the basement of my home. I now have everything other than the screen. Unfortunately, I have had no time for building, so the project is falling behind. As far as being properly calibrated, I have never used REW or any other program, but I am quite adept at using the BFD.

What I can tell you right now is that I was very pleased with my SVS 16-46PCi. A single F25 absolutely blows the SVS away! The difference is incredible.

The SVS plays deep and relatively clean compared to older subs I had. The Rythmik takes everything to a completely different level. I hear tiny nuances in deep bass that I had never heard before. Others use descriptions such as "cleaner" and "more articulate". These are good descriptions, but for me, it does not do justice to the difference in sound. The F25 (single as I have not hooked up the second) is different. The bass is there, it is not weak. It is also not boomy or muddy. This goes well with other descriptions. However, the best way I can describe it is...it is as if a veil has been lifted allowing the sound to be more natural and realistic. "Fast" and "Tight" are also words used to describe the sub. Again, good descriptions, but these do not go far enough.

OK, just a quick idea of what I am trying to convey...I am a fan of Johnny Johnson. Johnny was a tremendous piano player who was probably best known as being Chuck Berry's piano guy. Very late in his life, Johnny created some masterful CDs with other musicians. On one such CD, there is a bluesy track with really exceptional bass. I have always loved this track, but now, it sounds different. The pluck of each bass string can be clearly heard. Not just the pluck of each different note, but the fingers on the strings, the accompanying tones that the sliding skin on the steel strings creates...in perfect time. Don't get me wrong, the old SVS allowed me to notice a bit of this definition, but with the F25 it isn't just noticed when trying to hear it, it presents itself front and center in a way that makes me wonder how I went all these years without hearing this reproduced on my equipment. I am VERY familiar with this music and it sounds completely different and much better to me now!

I don't know if this is the holy grail of subwoofers for me. I do know that it is a real eye opener. I was very happy with my decade old SVS and I am in total awe of the F25's ability to wring so much more music out of the same recordings and equipment that I have owned for quite some time.

I will give you more of a description after the new year when hopefully I will be set up in the basement!

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